Good films need awareness! We can generate this with targeted marketing for your films. We use direct marketing, targeted marketing and social media marketing and manage local and individual marketing campaigns. For this we can rely upon our extensive network of strong marketing partners.

Graphic Design

Good films are visually attractive! We offer varied and effective artwork for your films, from poster to social media campaign. We are open to your individual requests!


Good films can get even better! Aside from preparing your films to be marketed in cinemas and as VoD and DVD, we offer consultation and post-production in the areas of editing, colouring and sound, as well as providing translation and subtitling. The production of trailers, teasers and press clips is also part of our comprehensive range of services.

Public Relations

Good films are talked about! We offer wide-ranging public relations for your film projects: from PR that accompanies your production through its theatrical release and the organisation of press screenings to the public relations needed for premieres and special screenings. For this we make use of our numerous press contacts.


Booking and Billing

Good films will be seen! We take on all the responsibilities of booking and billing your films, organising comprehensive distribution, the communication with cinemas and screening locations as well as the organisation of special events and cinema tours. Our schedulers can access a database of over 1,500 cinemas.